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Tour Aveiro - Coimbra

Quick Details

Sedans (Up to 4 people)
Luxury Cars (Up to 4 people)
Small Vans (Up to 6 people)
Large Vans (Up to 8 people)

Visit Coimbra in the Morning and Aveiro in the Afternoon

Visit the oldest university in the country and the Cathedrals of Coimbra during the first half of this exciting full-day tour.

Then taste the Bairrada piglet at lunch. Spend your afternoon on a visit to Aveiro, referred to as the “Venice of Portugal” because of its river system. This city is known for its Moliceiros, typical boats found here. Learn about the important links between the city and the river.

Enjoy a fantastic tour through the famous region of Costa Nova and the canals of Aveiro.